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Lord of the Flies – Characters

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    Ralph is the protagonist of the novel. He is twelve years old, the most charismatic of the group, chosen as the leader because of his positive qualities. By using the conch, Ralph tries to show his authority. By starting a signal fire he wants to be rescued. He, in contrast to Jack, tries to keep orders. He fights for order and democracy together with Piggy. In the midst of the savagery, Ralph holds on to rationality and the hope of rescue. There is only one occasion when Ralph lapses into mild savagery; it occurs when he joins the ritual dance at the feast, the same feast where Simon is killed. The guilt that Ralph experiences as an outcome of his being a part of Simon’s death is unbearable. It forces him to totally accept the fallen nature of all mankind. Armed with the truth, like Simon before him, he becomes the hunted animal, full of desperation and despair. Only civilization, that appears in the form of the naval officer, can save Ralph from the savagery that surrounds him.


    Jack, the antagonist, is also about twelve years old, the leader of his choir group. He always wants to contradict Ralph. By influencing the others he achieved being the chief of his group. (à Usurpation of power)

    When he is first seen on the island, he is leading a group of choirboys, who are dressed in strange uniform and march military style. It is a foreshadowing of Ralphs‘ authoritarian and dictatorial leadership at the end of the novel. He represents the base and bestial nature of human beings.

    An overweight boy, wearing glasses, stands like Ralph for democracy, order and peace. He suffers from asthma. His glasses are important, because they are always used to make fires. Later on, Jack stole the classes.


    Younger than Ralph, Jack and Piggy. His positive nature socialized him. He tries to help where he can. He was killed through the dance. He is the one who realizes that the „Lord of the Flies“ is the real beast (the evil in us all) while the beast on the mountain is nothing to fear, just death itself.


    He represents the evil and wrongness – similar to Jack. He has no mercy and has done the first intended kill on the island. By torturing somebody, if it is a pig or a human being, he feels sadistic pleasure. He cooperates with Jack and listens to his orders.

    Sam and Eric:

    The two young twins are mostly together. They stand for the unity in the novel. They seem to be loyal to Ralph and Jack but they pulled to Jack’s side.


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