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Educating Rita – Summary Interpretation

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    Education plays an important role in our life. It decides often the social status you are beloning to. Occuring social differences are mainly based on education. It is also important for the fact how money you obtain and if you are satisfied with yourself. Also the school label means a lot for the people. If the school has got a qualified name they can guarantee quality. Education can open doors for somebody. For Rita, there are two ways. First of all she took the education for a higher social life and then for herself.

    The Importance of Options and choices

    She has to accept the change and therefore the differences from her society to an upper one. Rita has to accept the consequences (friends…)

    Rita wanted to change. She makes the right for herself and has a clear aim. Through the Open Univerity she might lose her husband,
    Values and Standards of the English working class

    Going to pub and get drunk – The betrayal of the working class

    To get easily influenced by the media – The working class thinks that they have a choice but they have not. But family values counts a lot à other things are important

    Does Rita betray the working class? à Danny [1st jealous] à he feals that she moves away from him

    The role of literature in our life

    A mixture between highbrow and lowbrow literature should be the best. Use literature to find something out about yourself.

    On the one hand literature has the role to educate the reader. On the other hand just for the freetime, for fun. Further, literature might give experience in certain things of life.

    Rita’s emanzipation:

    Important is the development of Rita. First of all she is independent from Danny and depended on Frank. Then she gets independent from Frank and depending on Trish. At last she makes herself independent from Trish

    Frank, his problems:

    He drinks to much, à alcoholic

    He is alone – his failure as a teacher, as a husband à Julia à disappointed

    à Vicious circle

    The realationship between Rita and Frank

    It could be love, perhabs only mental love

    They need each other

    The structure of the play

    First of all she is uneducated and depends on Frank. At the tourning point in the middle of the play she tries to teach Frank and put herself above Frank. She tries to get independent.

    The role of language in de play

    In the beginning Rita has got a very informal language, she used lots of slang in her choice of words. Frank spoke very formal, every sentence is correct. After the tourning point Rita spoke rather formal and Frank used her slang. Later it changed again. The language code reflects the temporary feeling. Of course is the language code also important for brining fun into the play. Language is also important to access higher social areas.

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